Le Moyne College


Facts and Stats

Le Moyne College is a small, community-based school located in Syracuse, New York offering students a holistic education centered around connection, critical thought, and communication. A friendly, comfortable atmosphere paired with an abundance of student programming makes it easy for students to balance their academics with a rewarding social experience.

  • 2,500 undergraduate students
  • Suburban campus
  • Jesuit Catholic college


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Student Life

  • 80% of undergraduate students live on campus
  • 80+ student clubs and organizations
  • Athletics: NCAA Division II



  • 13:1 student to faculty ratio with average class sizes of 18-20 students, excluding science courses which have up to 60 students
  • Core curriculum that includes English, science, math, arts, philosophy, and theology, as well as a first-year Transitions seminar and senior year Transformations capstone courses.
  • Most popular programs: Biology, psychology, marketing, finance, nursing


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  • Disability Support Services
  • First-year Transitions seminar
  • Academic Success Center and free tutoring



  • Application: Common App
  • SAT/ACT: Considered but not required
  • Selectivity: 68% acceptance rate
  • CSTEP: Le Moyne’s Collegiate Scientific and Technology Entry Program helps admit historically underrepresented students in STEM programs


Le Moyne College Q & A

An interview with Roger Purdy, Director of Disability Support Services

What is unique about Le Moyne College?

We’re a small school that specializes in fostering a lot of interaction. Our Jesuit traditions influence and encourage this relational aspect. At Le Moyne, it’s really about connecting to and caring for one another.

What is campus life like?

It’s certainly not the big city – we have a suburban campus with lots of open spaces – but there are plenty of things to do on campus as well as planned, off-campus trips. The other day I was sent a list of the current activities offered; I wouldn’t know what to choose if I was a student because there were so many options!

What are academics like at Le Moyne College?

There’s a lot of work to do. There is an expectation that you’re well read, that you will write, and that you’ll communicate orally. It’s really about reading, gathering information, synthesizing it, and then being able to express it in some manner. I don’t want students to think that Le Moyne comes without the rigor. We expect for everyone to participate in in-depth reflection and to look at things from different positions.

What should an incoming student with a visual impairment know about Le Moyne College?

Independence is important, partly because the size of our office. Even though we’re a smaller school, there are over 200 students with disabilities that work with us and they are from all over the place. It’s not a situation where I can go chase you down, students need to be in front of us. It’s important to advocate or be working towards independence.

Students really need to know and be comfortable with their technology. It’s difficult to learn your technology when you’re trying to learn content.

Finally, it’s important for students to balance engagement outside of the classroom with doing the work.


To Learn More:


1419 Salt Springs Road

Syracuse, NY 13214



Roger G. Purdy, Ed.M.

Director of Academic and Disability Support Services


315-445-6014 (F)

315-445-4104 (TTY/TDD)

[email protected]


Sharon Halpin

Financial Aid Office


315-445-4182 (F)

[email protected]