Victor D. Ziminsky, Jr.

Founding Board Member 1999–2009

Victor Ziminsky Jr.’s vision was instrumental in creating the Lavelle Fund. A devoted husband and father of 11 children, Vic was a leader in wealth management on Wall Street and spearheaded many charitable pursuits. Very dear to his heart was the Lavelle School for the Blind where, like his father before him, he served on the Board of Directors. Vic realized that as a state-chartered and state-funded 4201 school for children with visual and one or more other impairments, the school should not rely on its endowment to fund annual operations. In 1999, Vic’s initial foresight and planning came to fruition. The school’s endowment would be maintained as a separate entity, the Lavelle Fund, which would provide grants to benefit the broader community of people with visual impairments. As a Lavelle Fund Board and Investment Committee member, Vic proved to be a tremendous asset, bringing his wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and dedication to every endeavor.