Reporting Guidelines

Because we share our grantees’ passion for achieving social impact, the Lavelle Fund’s Board and staff are deeply interested in the progress of each Lavelle-funded project against agreed-upon goals and in lessons learned from each grant. This is why we require grantees to submit annual progress reports. All progress reports should be submitted through the Fund’s online, CyberGrants grants management portal.

Note: To obtain unique log-in credentials for CyberGrants, please contact Ms. Khanh Phan, Grants Manager & Special Assistant, at [email protected], or (212) 668-9801, ext. 108.

Reporting Process

There are two kinds of reports: (1) interim reports for multi-year projects and (2) final reports at the end of all grant projects. A typical grant reporting and payment cycle:

  • Begins with the submission of interim report(s). In general, these reports are due 11 months after the beginning of each grant period. A grant period starts when the Fund’s grant check for that period is dated. The dates relevant for a given grant are outlined in the “Grant Payment and Reporting Schedule” sent to all grantees.
  • Ends with the submission of a final report. The final report’s due date normally occurs not more than two months after the grant’s agreed-on end date, as specified in the Grant Agreement letter. However, if by mutual agreement, grant spending and activity are to continue after the scheduled end date, the final report would be due not more than two months after all grant funds have been expended.

Reporting Tips

To help ensure that your reports are on-target and sufficiently complete to minimize the need for follow-up questions that could delay the next installment payment, please note these tips:

  • Reports should focus on hard outcomes achieved in working towards the grant’s original goals.
  • The goals (“benchmarks of project success”) defined for a grant can be found in the Grant Agreement letter sent by the Lavelle Fund and signed by executive directors or CEO’s of the Fund and the grantee, respectively. Grantees with questions about these goals should contact the Lavelle office immediately at: (212) 668-9801, ext. 108.
  • While grant goals are sometimes changed during the proposal development process, the Fund’s Grant Agreement always reflects just the final, official version of the proposal. Therefore, the Fund asks that grantees compiling annual reports please rely almost exclusively on the Grant Agreement letter for reporting guidance. 
  • Numerical data are typically at the heart of effective “plan vs. performance” reporting. For an example of such reporting, please see the “goal vs. actual performance” summary from a Lavelle grantee.