Vision Rehabilitation & Resources
New York, NY
Project Title: Learning Grant to Assess the Effectiveness of Pharmacies in Increasing Eyeglasses Coverage among Garment Factory Workers in Bangladesh Website:

About the Grantee

VisionSpring is a global social enterprise creating access to affordable eyewear. Founded in 2001, VisionSpring works to transform the systemic dysfunction of the optical market, which has failed to deliver a 700-year old technology to 624 million people earning less than $4 per day. For many of these individuals, the lack of access to affordable eyeglasses leads to the loss of educational and employment opportunities. VisionSpring is filling the market gap by providing vision screenings and radically affordable eyeglasses. To date VisionSpring has facilitated vision screenings for 5.8 million low-income consumers and reached over 4.4 million with corrective eyeglasses.

Purpose of the Grant

This grant is in support of the Clear Vision Workplace initiative in Bangladesh. Funds
will be used to verify proof-of-concept by assessing the most cost-effective way to attain high level
of glasses coverage rates for factory workers.




30 months

Grant Regions

Asia (Outside South Asia), International