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Medical Eye Care
Kensington, MD, USA
Project Title: Advancing Public Sector Eye Hospitals in Peru Website:

About the Grantee

IEF’s mission is to eliminate preventable and treatable blindness by increasing affordability and access to quality comprehensive and sustainable eye care services worldwide., changing how eye care is delivered and changing systems at eye hospitals and clinics to provide quality eye care in an efficient, productive, and sustainable manner.

Purpose of the Grant

To partner with Lima-based Divino Nino Jesu Eye Clinic and the Peruvian Ministry of Health to help Peru’s two largest public eye care systems – the Intituto Nacional de Oftalmologia (INO) in Lima, Peru and the Instituto Regional de Oftalmologia (IRO) in Trujillo — to increase eye care volume, efficiency, and quality and to strengthen eye care referral systems.




36 months

Grant Regions

International, Latin America & Caribbean